Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finding Time!

Wow, I was hoping to blog each day. Where does the time go? Well I'm going to keep on trying to add things, I've began to think my life must be pretty uneventful as I can't seem to think of things to blog about.

I did try something new on Friday 8th, I tasted strawberry whipped yogurt. You see I am a very picky eater and dislike many things. I have never liked the chunky yogurt, so I gave the whipped a was better but would take several tries I think before I could say I liked it. There is just something about the taste of yogurt I don't care for, but I tried it!

I found out two of my co-workers at the group home like dolls too. Melody brought in some of her dolls to show me. I'll try and post them in the next day or so and maybe you can help us identify them.

I am going to Bemidji this Friday and plan to go to my favorite antique store. I hope I find some treasures. I can't wait, which means it's going to feel like a long week.

Hope your Sunday was super!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A year to learn new things!

This is my first ever blog. I did a google search and found Two Crazy Crafters and from their blog I found Lavender Dreams. I enjoy following them as I am an avid doll collector. I have a desire to share my dolls with the world and decided to give blogging a try. So it is a year to learn new may take me awhile to figure out all this picture uploading and please be patient. Here's hoping you all try something new in 2010!
Have a great day - Shelly